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One of my 10 top photographers!

Posted in Aesthetics,Appealing,Arts,Communication,Fashion,Photography by emz2687 on November 15, 2007

David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle works in the fields of fashion, advertising and fine art photography. Not only is LaChapelle recognized massively in the photography world, he is also widely known in directing music videos. David LaChapelle has worked with the most famous of famous celebrities. His over exaggerated imagination is emphasized within his photographs and displayed with bright colours and fantastic imagery.



Environmental Magazines.

Here are a few Environmental Magazines I can use for inspiration and influences.

Audubon—————California Wild———Canadian Geographic——-Conscious Choice


E————————–Ecologist—————Green Futures————–World Watch


Cindy Sherman

Posted in Aesthetics,Arts,Communication,Imagery,Photography by emz2687 on October 9, 2007

Cindy Sherman is one of the most prized and appreciated photographers of the twentieth century, although she was also a well renowned model and filmmaker. Sherman turned the camera on herself for the bulk of her photographs, although her images are not considered to be self-portraits. Sherman’s photography concentrates on a mixture of issues of the modern world. A clear signature technique is obvious throughout her works, where the role of women, media and nature are questioned. Many of Sherman’s later photographs are grotesque and disgusting, often littered with vomit and mould, contained in a dark and scary setting.



Its time to start blogging! Or so I’m told! My plan here is to extend my knowledge of all thing knowledgable within design. Over the next year I aim to use my blog as an online diary to record all my experiences concerning design.

Although the theme of this semester is ‘Surviving the 21st Century’, my plan is to investigate as much as possible – relevant to both the theme and to my interests! I’m going to look, listen, see and read EVERYTHING, and plan to make a collection of ANYTHING that may be of use.

I’m looking forward to travelling this journey into knowledge and understanding, hoping creativity, inspiration and influences will give me the ability and drive to design bigger and better things!