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Nina Chakrabarti

I discovered this artist in the book, ‘Hand to Eye’. Nina Chakrabarti is an illustrator who works using pens, felt tips, biros, pencils, inks and her Apple Mac. Her work is intricate and detailed, and has been used by many different well-known companies, including Topshop.



Magawebzine Inspiration

I think I’m going to lend on the skills and ideas of Lizzie Finn for my magazine design. The reason for this is my interest in sewing and craft, which I can use to my advantage in creating quite a unique magazine. Unfortunately her website is under construction, but when it’s open again, I’ll upload some images!

I also plan to use badges as a running theme, as they are a youthful and popular means of communication. In my magazine, I’m going to give the readers a free badge as a means of developing a supportive following – a sort of environmentally friendly cult!


My worst nightmare…

Posted in Appealing,Illustrations,Imagery,Miscelleaneous,Paintings,Research by emz2687 on October 5, 2007

‘The front cover should, in someway, be illustrated’ said Adrian.

Crap,  I thought!

Being no good what-so-ever at drawing this statement on our Magawebzine project was possibly the worst Adrian could have thrown at me! So, I have been on the look out  for some simpler illustrations by competent artists, that can inspire me and offer me simpler methods – rather than turning up with an image that looks like my 5 year old cousin did! Whilst browsing through The Association of Illustrators, I came across Natalie Abadzis. Abadzis illustrations are contemporary and subtle, yet look amazing considering their simplicity. The illustrations produced are representations of certain times and places, often reflecting experiences and life events, making each image very personal and inspiring. Here are a few of my favourite Natalie Abadzis illustrations:


Serge Bloch

Posted in Aesthetics,Appealing,Communication,Illustrations,Imagery by emz2687 on October 3, 2007

Look at this amazingly funny and quirky illustrator! I discovered one of his images in the book ‘Society of Illustrators – 48th Annual of American Illustration’, decided he was definatley worth further research, and have found sooooo many brilliant, funny and light-hearted illustrations.
Visit his website here!


Si Scott

Posted in Graphic Design,Illustrations,Typography by emz2687 on October 1, 2007

Check out one of my favourite Typographers. His work is amazing and inspirational! He has done work for the loads of companies including BBC, Orange, Nike, Samsung and Volvo. For more of his fantastic work, visit his site at


Its time to start blogging! Or so I’m told! My plan here is to extend my knowledge of all thing knowledgable within design. Over the next year I aim to use my blog as an online diary to record all my experiences concerning design.

Although the theme of this semester is ‘Surviving the 21st Century’, my plan is to investigate as much as possible – relevant to both the theme and to my interests! I’m going to look, listen, see and read EVERYTHING, and plan to make a collection of ANYTHING that may be of use.

I’m looking forward to travelling this journey into knowledge and understanding, hoping creativity, inspiration and influences will give me the ability and drive to design bigger and better things!