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Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is the art of designing to comply with the values of economic, social and ecological sustainability. Sustainable design is also known as eco-design or design for environment, and is a growing trend within graphic design.

The aim of sustainable design is to generate outcomes in a way that reduces the use of non-renewable resources, in order to reduce environmental impact. Sustainable design is considered as a method of reducing the dangerous risks and impacts to the environment whilst maintaining the quality of life by using and applying clever design.

Sustainability in graphic design considers the environmental impacts of graphic design products, such as publications, printed materials and packaging etc. Techniques for sustainable graphic design include using paper and materials made with recycled waste, designing an end-product that is biodegradable or recyclable, printing with low VOC inks, reducing the amounts of materials required for production, avoiding any unnecessary packaging and using production and distribution methods that require the least amount of transport.

“Sustainable design is everything good design ought to be, delivering the best (social, environmental and economic) performance or result for the least (social, environmental and economic) cost. It is the strategic use of design to meet and integrate current and future human needs without compromising the environment” – Beatrice K. Otto



Its time to start blogging! Or so I’m told! My plan here is to extend my knowledge of all thing knowledgable within design. Over the next year I aim to use my blog as an online diary to record all my experiences concerning design.

Although the theme of this semester is ‘Surviving the 21st Century’, my plan is to investigate as much as possible – relevant to both the theme and to my interests! I’m going to look, listen, see and read EVERYTHING, and plan to make a collection of ANYTHING that may be of use.

I’m looking forward to travelling this journey into knowledge and understanding, hoping creativity, inspiration and influences will give me the ability and drive to design bigger and better things!