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Nina Chakrabarti

I discovered this artist in the book, ‘Hand to Eye’. Nina Chakrabarti is an illustrator who works using pens, felt tips, biros, pencils, inks and her Apple Mac. Her work is intricate and detailed, and has been used by many different well-known companies, including Topshop.



My Pre-brief journey!

Posted in Communication,Magazines,Miscelleaneous,Research,Websites by emz2687 on October 5, 2007

The aim was purely to continue a journey from page links and recording each step. We were asked to search the term ‘magazines’ on Wikipedia and go forward ten links. Here’s my journey:

From my search of ‘magazines’ on Wikipedia I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to ‘External Links’. From the selection available I chose ‘Designing magazines – A look at magazines and design'(1), which linked me to a designing magazine blog. After reading some of the blog, I found the Links available and clicked on ‘Magazine Covers'(2), which linked me to a website titled ‘Magazine Cover’s Collection’. From the initial site, I decided to pick ‘A Complete List'(3), from the selection bar which diverted me to a list of different magazine titles. After having a look at the past covers of Wallpaper* magazines(4), COLOR magazines(5), and i.D magazine(6), I clicked on ‘Magazine Online Links'(7) to research further. From the list of links, I chose to take a look at the Nylon magazine(8) as I have never read it before. From the front page, I clicked on ‘the magazine'(9), to see if I could find past editions. Numerous past covers of Nylon were uploaded, and I clicked on one to see it enlarged. From this I was redirected to a version of the magazine selected, but in a different program. The website I was taken to was like one I’d never seen before, whereby the magazine could actually be read, from page to page(10).

Surviving The 21st Century…

Whats prominent in our world today that is going to effect our future??? Checking out the BBC News website, all I can see are stories of disaster, misery and hurt… Is this waht our world has become? Or can it be changed. Growing up in a generation surrounded by  ASBO’s, Gun Crime and Bombings, what can we do to change the course of the world, and therefore the future of the next generation? Whats the answer? How can we as a  population improve the world and the damage caused? Maybe this is the sort of line my magazine should go down. Look at methods of improving life, but more so, the environment. Maybe in the future, the main change everywhere will be the need to ‘go green’ and prolong the life and functions of our planet.


Its time to start blogging! Or so I’m told! My plan here is to extend my knowledge of all thing knowledgable within design. Over the next year I aim to use my blog as an online diary to record all my experiences concerning design.

Although the theme of this semester is ‘Surviving the 21st Century’, my plan is to investigate as much as possible – relevant to both the theme and to my interests! I’m going to look, listen, see and read EVERYTHING, and plan to make a collection of ANYTHING that may be of use.

I’m looking forward to travelling this journey into knowledge and understanding, hoping creativity, inspiration and influences will give me the ability and drive to design bigger and better things!